The removal of unsightly Body Hair is a painstaking (and pain-causing) endeavor: common methods such as waxing and shaving aren’t completely effective, quick, convenient, or painless. What’s more; the hair grows back, necessitating periodic return visits. After trying one or more of these methods, you’re sure to be looking for a much better option: enter the advent of lasers as a tool for hair removal.

Laser hair removal began in July 7, 1960. The first system for destroying hair follicles used a ruby laser and was developed by Theodore H Maiman: it was very slow and inefficient; causing severe skin burns and damage. This was followed by the alexandrite laser; which came out in the 70s. The first FDA-approved pain free laser hair removal system was the YAG laser.   

So why should you consider using a laser hair removal system? There are various advantages worth mentioning. Here are the most significant ones:

Less Painful – Today’s laser systems offer pain free laser hair removal. Most people who have undergone the treatment describe it as a slight pinch or warm sensation. True, there may be certain areas of the body that are more sensitive, but compared to the feeling you get from waxing, laser hair removal treatments are the more painless option.

Accurate – Today’s laser systems are designed to target only the pigmented areas of the skin; specifically the hair follicle. This is why only the follicles are destroyed with laser treatments and not the surrounding skin.   

Quick and convenient – Today’s laser systems are also designed to target multiple hair follicles in large swathes or areas of the body. As the follicles are destroyed by beams of light; the process is relatively quicker than other methods of hair removal, taking place in as little as one minute to about half an hour for larger body areas. Laser hair removal has also been known to reduce the incidence of ingrown hairs.

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