Liquid Facelift

Injectables and Liquid Facelift

2018 is all about dermal fillers. More and more doctors will use fillers to hape your eyes. Fillers in the upper and lower eyelids restore the volume that is lost with time. You can always revers time by contouring your eyes.

Fillers are considered as a knife-free technique. They are a creative use for filler because no one has time to take timem off from work and stay at home for recovery.

Botox is considered a cosmetic procedure for the year of 2018 in Dearborn and  Dearborn heights in Michigan. If you have seriously considered a cosmetic procedure, 2018 is the year to do it.

It has never been a more advance and varied options at Laser duet. Call us today to 313-846-0002 to schedule a free consultation.

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