Body Sculpting using Cold Lasers

You’ve tried everything: gym exercises, fad diets, portion control; but nothing seems to work to remove your stubborn excess fat. All of those “instant fat removal solutions” didn’t seem to work either. You’ve even considered liposuction; but decided that surgery was an expensive and risky proposition. But what if we told you that you could remove your extra poundage with light; specifically laser light?

Laser Duet Hair Removal and Body Contouring is one of the only Beauty Spas in Dearborn Michigan to offer the Zerona Non-invasive Body Contouring System™ that uses Cold Laser heads tuned to a specific frequency to remove fat. The Zerona System™ uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that creates temporary holes in the walls of fat cells, which causes the cells to collapse and liquefy. The liquefied fat is then used by the body as energy, processed via the liver, or disposed of by conventional means. The system’s manufacturers assert that the procedure is painless, side-effect free, FDA-approved, and safe; and it is actually possible for the patient to take a nap while undergoing it. They recommend between six to twelve 40-minute treatments; to be given every other day for a two-week period.

Development for the system began in 1998. At the time, doctors were looking for a more painless alternative to liposuction. They found that the system was able to emulsify fat cells and also created pores in their membranes that allowed their contents to be released in the body with no ill effects. Further studies; conducted at the University of Chicago, the University of Singapore and the University of Mexico led to the development of the EML laser, the precursor of the Zerona System™. The EML laser was used to emulsify fat to make it easier to remove during liposuction. Today, the modern system involves non-invasive fat removal methods.

 Clients can also bolster their Body Contouring treatment by using Viex; a unique supplement that promotes the enhancement of both the body’s lymphatic and circulatory responses to increase the rate of fat removal. Call us at 313-846-0002 for all of your inquiries or for more information about our services.

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