Is Permanent Make-up Safe?

Is Permanent Make-up Safe?

Beautiful people always get the attention and best opportunities at work or with friends. Women are not content with just having a successful career; they need to be good looking too. Attractive women also attract more friends and clients; have enough confidence, more power driven and productive. Busy and financially independent women needs to keep up with their image of being totally made up, from head to toe.

Applying makeup everyday can be a tedious process to enhance their features and maintain their corporate or professional look it’s why some career women opt to avail the services of a permanent makeup procedure from a licensed professional.

Is permanent makeup safe?

The answer is yes. It is proven to be safe as long as it is done by a licensed technician and qualified professional who received proper training and know-how to specialize in this procedure. Ensure that you enjoy this service from a reputable company that is an expert in this field that both men and women can benefit from.

Precision, practice, and perfection are the key that a reputable beauty clinic or salon can do to help you achieve and enhance your features in a permanent way. At Laser Duet in Dearborn, MI we are experts in Permanent Make-up.

Time Saver

Applying makeup everyday in front of the mirror requires time, patience, and skill. A simple permanent make-up procedure (eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color) can save you not only a great deal of time but also money.

  • You need not buy those expensive brands and wake up early and prepare your face for an hour as you prepare for the corporate conference, client meeting, or product presentation.
  • You need not worry that your eyeliners will get runny, or your lip shade will get smudged out when you sip your coffee. It can safely cover up scars, skin problems (vitiligo).

Laser Duet uses a natural pigment that is suitable to the layers of your skin. It is highly recommended by doctors for women who have a distinct allergic reaction to certain brands of cosmetics.

Ideal For Men And Women

Both men and women throughout Metro Detroit can avail of the beauty enhancement services at Laser Duet. As with permanent makeup, men also need to look their best and exude a confident and pleasing look to their clients, friends, and prospective lovers.

  • Men can have permanent lip color procedure to have the most kissable lips a woman can find hard to resist.
  • Women can attract more suitors, friends, and clients if they present themselves in an approachable and presentable way.
  • Men and women both want to appear desirable and getting a permanent makeup can help them gain more clients, admirers, and potential lovers.
  • Even those with visible skin insecurities (pimple scars, or burn scars) can greatly benefit from the use of permanent makeup by hiding these imperfections.

No Pain Procedure

The best thing is there is no pain at all when undergoing these permanent procedures. Plus, it is scientifically and medically proven to be safe. This is because the trained professional uses topical anesthetic medical products to avoid pain and discomfort for the client.

In addition, clients are given the choice on what kind of pigments the medical technician can apply to their skin. The entire medical procedure requires only your time, money, and full cooperation to achieve the look that you desire.

No Recurring And Extra Cost

The price to undergo a procedure may be a bit costly but you are assured of a permanent make up that will never get smudged, wiped out, or disappear. Once the entire procedure and the healing process is done, you can enjoy the benefits of permanent make-up without needing retouch, buying creams, eye brow shades, eye liners, and lip moisturizers.


When looking for a professional who can perform permanent makeup procedure look no further than Laser Duets. They have the complete line of the finest facilities to provide as well as a team of staff who can help enhance your beauty even more. Backed up by over ten years of experience and combining the use of modern technology and state of the art tools, we will provide you with the best solutions to answer all your beauty needs. They aim to give customers full satisfaction even after just a few sessions.

At Laser Duet we value our customers the most and our list of clients cannot be wrong as they keep coming back for our beauty services and come out satisfied, contented, and ready to face the world with their beauty and new found confidence.

So, is permanent makeup safe? At Laser Duet it is!

Call us today to arrange for a free consultation on Permanent Make-up at 313-846-0002.

Laser Hair Removal Detroit

Laser Hair Removal Detroit

For over 10 years now, Laser Duet has been helping people with Laser Hair Removal Detroit, to get rid of unwanted hair safely. Gone are the days when you had to undergo shaving or waxing on a daily basis. All our personnel are highly trained, skilled and capable of carrying out these procedures as per the set international laser hair removal rules and regulations. The many positive responses that we get from our customers is clear proof that we always deliver on our promises.

Let us look at some reasons why laser hair removal is the most reliable and trusted hair removal method.

  1. Long lasting results: Most of the traditional methods of getting rid of excess hair such as shaving and waxing only deliver temporary results because they do not reach the hair root. The laser rays used during this procedure act on the hair root hence chances of the new hair strands growing again are nil. This will in turn save you time and money as you will not have to undergo these procedures every now and then.
  2. Low maintenance: This is another major benefit derived from laser hair removal treatment methods. The entire treatment only takes 6-8 weeks depending on the total area to be treated. In fact after the 6th week, you will only need to go for maintenance treatment once every month for the next six months or less to remove any stray hairs.
  3. No pain at all: Most of the traditional methods such as waxing expose people to dire pain which sometime last for days even after the procedure. Laser technology is totally pain free as we do not use any surgical equipments or tools. We carry out the procedure in a safe, comfortable environment that is monitored by our experts hence you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.
  4. Friendly to the skin: Shaving has some abrasive properties that cause injurious harm to the outer skin cells. Fortunately, this new advanced method is friendly to the skin as it only targets one part, the unwanted hairs. It has being proven that it is capable of making your skin smoother by reducing in-growth and pigmentation. This makes it an ideal choice for African Americans.
  5. Longevity: As mentioned earlier, this procedure delivers 100% permanent results. Hence, you will no longer experience those awkward and embarrassing in-between stages of hair growth that tamper with your beauty or facial outlook. Simply put, you will have radiant, silky, beautiful smooth skin all the time.
  6. Comfortable: The old fashioned hair removal treatment options are not designed to offer comfort to clients. Laser hair removal equipments come with advanced cooling systems that offer exceptional skin protection. This makes the whole procedure more friendly and relaxing to the clients.

Let now look at some of the core reasons why we are the best at what we do.

  • Professionalism: This is one of the pillars that our business is founded on. Our strength is maintaining high professionalism and diligence levels before and after service delivery to our clients at all times. Our experience helps ensure that we meet all your hair removal needs. Before the start of each laser hair removal procedure, one of our highly qualified staff will explain to you how this procedure works and what you will experience.
  • Technology: Technology has revolutionized laser hair removal. We use the state of the art Laser Duet Laser Hair Removal System. In fact, we were one of the first in the Detroit, MI area to have the Laser Duet system. These new advanced systems are more reliable and efficient and much less painful than past models. We understand this fact too well and that is why we have invested in various technologically advanced laser equipments.
  • Reliable: Time is of essence. You don’t want to spend all day in our facility (although you are more than welcome to!!)  To save you time and money, we tailor our schedule services that help us deliver quality services to you. We appreciate our customers and will never sacrifice quality for speed. Just call or contact our customer care support team for additional information or to book an appointment.

As you can see, laser hair removal at Laser Duet is the perfect choice in the Detroit area who wish to revamp their beauty by removing excess hairs.