SmartLipo – How Much Does it Cost?

SmartLipo – How Much Does it Cost?

When it comes to (minimally) surgical procedures like Smart Liposuction, sometimes it’s difficult to determine a fixed price. Patients undergoing the SmartLipo procedure can pay anywhere between $1,500 and $10,000. The wide range of price differences is especially due to many factors that vary from patient to patient such as a patient’s unique goals, their bio-makeup, particular area(s) being treated, and more.Therefore, it’s useful to know a bit about these cost and pricing factors before you consider visiting a Smart Lipo professional, and this is exactly what our guide seeks to help you do!

Smart Lipo: The Main Cost & Pricing Factors

In general, the following are the main cost & pricing factors when it comes to Smart Lipo liposuction procedures:

  • Geographic location where the procedure is performed
  • A patient’s unique goals
  • Number of areas being treated
  • Particular areas being treated
  • Provider costs

Smartlipo Cost Factor #1 – Geographic Location

A huge thing to take into consideration when analyzing Smartlipo pricing and cost factors is where you intend to undergo the procedure. Typically, the larger the city (like big cities such as Los Angeles and New York), the higher the overall price for cosmetic procedures such as Smartlipo. One would think it would be cheaper to undergo Smartlipo in big cities since the supply – the availability of qualified surgeons that offer Smartlipo treatments – would by much higher than in smaller cities. However, this is not the case since the cost of doing business in larger cities is higher, along with the demand for Smartlipo procedures. This means that if you want to control your costs, consider undergoing the procedure in the suburbs of large cities, such as in Dearborn, MI for those that reside somewhere in or around Detroit, MI.

Smartlipo Cost Factor #2 – A Patient’s Unique Goals

The number one reason why prices range so wildly among patients, especially for cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and other forms of fat removal procedures, has to do with the simple fact that the goals of each patient are almost never the same. In fact, many times these goals differ so wildly. Therefore, the difference between goals means a difference between the frequency a procedure would be used and the manner it would be used by the operating surgeon or health professional. For example, a patient seeking to achieve a near-perfect waistline emanating from a huge gut and love handles would likely pay more than a patient looking to slightly increase her thigh gap.

Smartlipo Cost Factor #3 – The Number of Area(s) Being Treated

An additional factor in pricing for Smartlipo is the specific areas being treated and how many areas in particular need to be treated in order to achieve the unique goals of the patients. This factor correlates with the previous factor, a patient’s unique goals, since the particular goals of a patient may require the addition of treating certain additional areas on the patient.

Smartlipo Cost Factor #4 – The Particular Area(s) Being Treated

The amount of fatty deposits that your provider is required to remove from your body (along with the number of areas being treated as explained directly above) will play significant roles in how much the final price of your smartlipo procedure will cost. Although there are many exceptions, as a (semi) general rule, you can say that the more fat is removed from your body, the higher the final cost will be. Do keep in mind that many doctors, such as our immensely skilled and reputable surgeon at the Laser Duet Clinic, do give discounts for having two or more areas undergoing treatment at once.

Smartlipo Cost Factor #5 – Clinic and other Miscellaneous Costs

The particular facility where you’ll undergo the Smart Lipo procedure would generally charge fees that can run anywhere between a few hundred dollars to $2,000 and upwards. You may also need to have some prescriptions filled to take certain medicine after and maybe even before the procedure. Here, the cost would likely depend on your insurance provider. Moreover, you should prepare yourself for some miscellaneous costs such as wearing compression garments as well as taking sick days off from work, which may or may not have you incur expenses on your end. Thus, especially if you’re trying to stick on a budget, make sure you take all these clinic and miscellaneous costs into consideration.

Smart Lipo: Why Choose The Laser Duet Cosmetic Clinic?

Extremely Competitive Pricing. Our entire business model revolves around quality customer service, state-of-the-art technology, and powerful results. Therefore, not one iota of these aspects will ever be sacrificed simply to give you a better price. This is why our patients are doubly amazed when they find out just how competitive our SmartLipo pricing actually is.  
Highly reputable & experienced doctors. Not only is the Laser Duet Cosmetic Clinic highly reputable and immensely experienced in all our specific areas of expertise, but our staff that’s comprised of highly-skilled doctors & surgeons have conducted hundreds of liposuction procedures as well as have thousands of combined hours of experience.
State-of-the-Art Technological Support. Not only do we back up all our services with extremely experienced doctors, health professionals, and general staff, but we also engage only in the latest state-of-the-art technology. When it comes to liposuction, the SmartLipo Triplex System by Cynosure is as good as it gets – even setting the standard for liposuction in the entire industry.
Comprehensive 24/7 Post-Procedure Care. What good is undergoing a procedure if you don’t have necessary professional care and follow up?! Indeed, this is where Laser Duet excels at, since it gives our staff a chance to shine, to show off just how much we care about our patients and to also show just how far we’re willing to go in order to make you comfortable, feel good, and look amazing!

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Botox – Alchemy’s Miracle Cosmetic Drug

Botox – Alchemy’s Miracle Cosmetic Drug

Botox, an ever so-misunderstood by-product of Hollywood actresses, a mirage of an unlimited, ageless age, able to do so much yet is the product of so much scrutiny and accusations. Quite simply, when it comes to Botox, it’s among the most mis-understood drug of our times. Therefore, I’ve written this report on behalf of the Laser Duet Cosmetic team simply because, when it comes to Botox, our patients misunderstand the compound way too much. I aim to clarify exactly what Botox is and end the misunderstanding once and for all!

What is Botox?

Botox is actually the medical brand name of a toxin protein derived from a bacterium called clostridium botulinum. Botox is poisonous in large amounts, however, scientists found a way to use Botox advantageously over the years and Botox is now used in a variety of beneficial ways.

Botox, in fact, is right now the only FDA-approved treatment that improves the look of both crow’s feet as well as moderate-to-severe frown lines. But it can do much more than that. Botox is also used to treat chronic migraines believe it or not. It’s also known for its cosmetic properties such as minimizing facial wrinkles and anti-aging lines. Non-cosmetic properties of Botox include treating severe non-wrinkle related muscle spasms, overactive bladders, and excessive sweating.

Botox for Cosmetics – Backed by Science

Botox, as related to the cosmetic industry, is among the most comprehensively researched cosmetic treatments in the entire world. It’s also approved for use by the governments of over 80 nations around the globe. Basically, Botox has a long record of established utilization that doctors, governments, and health specialists know and fully trust. When it comes to the amount of research conducted, Botox for cosmetic purposes has been evaluated and experimented upon in over 415 studies published across the most reputable scientific & medical journals around the world.

Botox – Sourced from Nature

As discussed in the firs section, Botox is comprised of highly decontaminated botulinum toxin protein, and this protein is actually sourced from a bacterium found in nature – Clostridium botulinum. Now since the formulations, mixtures, potencies, and approved dosages would vary across a wide variety of botulinum toxin (‘botox’) products, this means that you cannot directly replace one brand of Botox with another. Regardless though, the main compound of Botox found across any Botox cosmetic product or brand is one and the same – naturally derived Clostridium botulinum.

How Does Botox Work?

feasfefesgfsgfesdgdesBOTOX® Cosmetic targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet—the repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years. Your specialist will inject these muscles with BOTOX® Cosmetic to temporarily reduce muscle activity. You will begin to notice a visible smoothing of your crow’s feet lines and frown lines between your brows.

In all the possible treatments and benefits of Botox, in all the ways that it’s used for, Botox works in one simple way – Botox temporarily reduces muscle activity by targeting muscle contractions. To learn more about how Botox works and what to expect from Botox procedures, feel free to move on to our next article on the subject: Botox – An Introduction.

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Smart Lipo – Its Many Advantages

Smart Lipo – Its Many Advantages

Smart Lipo its Powerful Advantages

Just Another “Smart Lipo” Week at the Office!

We had a great week in the office and saw lots of new patients interested in Liposuction, specifically our SmartLipo™ Triplex laser liposuction option. This probably has to do with the oncoming spring season and how everyone want’s to look good in Detroit! Anyways, recently, I did have one patient ask about the difference between SmartLipo™ and LipoLite™ so after explaining to them the difference, I realized that I spent most of the time pinpointing the awesome advantages that the Smart Lipo Triplex system has over any other liposuction or weight loss system! As a result, I thought to myself why not share these ideas for this week’s blog especially since I want my patients to learn about all the cosmetic technology out there, especially about Smart Lipo,  a system that revolutinized liposuction and has set the standard in minimally-invasive weight loss.

Smart Lipo – What does it do?

The SmartLipo Triplex laser liposuction machine is without a doubt the most advanced and the most powerful minimally-invasive weight-loss system on the market today. This is based on many factors. For one, this is true from a safety perspective. It’s also true from a performance perspective since it enables a cosmetic clinic and its operating doctors & health professionals to use 3 differently-performing lasers in one machine. These 3 include:

1140nm laser. This laser specifically aims to target fatty cells and melts them easier than in any other laser wavelength.

1060nm and 1020nm. These laser wavelengths are combined together to coagulate blood vessels, reduce areas of bruising, and tightens already-loose skin.

In addition to safety and power, the Smart Lipo Triplex system is also extremely powerful. Here, I mean that it offers an industry unprecedented 46 watts of power, allowing the clinic doctor to utilize an astoundingly huge amount of energy (without blowing you to bits of course ;). This  tremendous energy is then converted by the Smart Lipo Triplex system into heat, which zaps right through your fat like a hote knife through ice cream, all the while maintaining a ‘tightening’ effect on your skin to eliminate any chances of loose or dangling skin after your far is removed.

Smart Lipo – Safety First

Knowing now what kind of huge power the Smartlipo system now wields, you may start fearing for your life (it’s a joke). But not to worry! Smartlipo has strong safety features, two of which are incredibly unique and completely new on the market (forcing our engineering team to fill out long and annoying patent forms). Firstly, the Smartlipo Triplex system comes with a laser ‘wand’ that mels the far and heats throughout the target area, but this ‘wand’ comes with a special motion sensor built right inside the device! This means that, if the laser wand is not moving, then the laser will not fire. This is extremely useful (besides for obvious reasons). it eliminates the chance of ‘dents’ being created across your skin, and it also helps to create a much more smoothing contoured look to your body. Secondly,  the wand also has a thermometer built right into the tip of the device (no, you cant take the temperature of your baby daughter while she has a fever). While the device heats up your skin, we obviously don’t want the machine wand to get overheated and burn your skin! Therefore, Smart Lipo staff has the system set to automatically shut down the firing of lasers when the temperature of the wand sensor exceeds 46 degrees Celsius. This 46 degree Celsius number was chosen since it’s the ‘magic temperature’ for heating the dermis (the outer layer of your skin). No other laser lipo machine has such safety advantages.

Smart Lipo – Versatility

The Smartlipo Triplex System is extremely versatile. As already shown, it has strong safety features that gives much-needed peace of mind to the operating surgeon as well as the patient. Moreover, the triplex system has three differing lasers combined into one easy-to-use platform. This is unprecedented in the industry so no other machine has it. And this means that a cosmetic clinic can use the Smartlipo device for numerous types of liposuction.

If you have questions about the Smart Lipo Laser Triplex System or are interested in undergoing the procedure, please contact the Laser Duet clinic for a FREE consultation with one of our doctors at 313-846-0002

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

First off, what does the word “LASER” actually mean?

We’ve heard the word ‘laser’ many times, but did you know what it actually means. As a matter of fact, did you even know that the word ‘laser’ is an acronym? Probably not! Anyways, it means: 


Amplification by


Emission of


Keep in mind that the term “radiation” is almost always misinterpreted as something ‘negative’ or as something to stay away from at all costs! But actually, while there is ‘bad’ types of radiation that you should stay away from, the term ‘radiation’ is simply used to describe the process of ionizing radiation. But in our case, the ues of the word ‘radiation’ is only referring to a transfer of energy, where energy would move from one place to another, through processes known s conduction and convection. These processes cannot alter DNA structure do you need not fear that you’ll exit your cosmetic clinic as a mutant turtle! 

How does laser for hair removal work?

To sum it up, laser when used for the purposes of removing your unwanted hair, causes targeted and selective ‘damage’ to the tiny, unwanted hair by heating dark matter (not the contrasting lighter-colored skin around it) which is called melanin. This selectively targeted melanin is what causes hair growth and generates hair follicles. Once this is destroyed, without damaging any part of the rest of your skin, then that particular area that was exposed by the laser will not be able to grow hair again.

Is every laser beam the same? 

Absolutely not. Now different companies have different ‘name brands’ for their own particularly designed lasers. However, there are TWO main lasers utilized in the market today. These are:

Alexandrite (755) or “Alex”, and

Yag (1064)

Both of these lasers are significantly different from one another. There is no ‘better’ one since each would depend on the particular patient and his or her unique goals.

Alex Vs. Yag –> What exactly is the difference?  

Alex (755) laser beam –

    • Extremely attracted and drawn to melanin (thus removes hair as well as colored skin lesions)
    • Extremely effective on fair-colored skin (skin types I – III)
    • Not effective at all for skin types IV – VI
    • Patients using Alex beam should prevent themselves from sun exposure for at least a month BEFORE treatment
    • Much more effective than its counterpart on thin hair.
    • Most patients report less discomfort than “YAG”.
  • In general, a more effective laser (so usually less treatments are needed).

YAG (1064) –

    • Attracted to melanin and hemoglobin (this means it treats several health issues besides just removing hair. It helps with: colored lesions, loose or hanging skin, unnaturally growing veins, wrinkles, and enlarged pores, tattoos; also treats “ingrown hairs” otherwise known as “shaving bumps”, and toe nail fungus… Yes. Fungus!)
    • Generally is safe to use for every skin type (I – VI).
    • Can be used on sun exposed skin (3-4 days post).
    • Effective on thick, coarse hair.
    • Not ideal for thin, refined, or textured hair.
  • Many report more discomfort during treatment than Alex laser beams.

How many treatments are needed?

Since I know you’re curious to better understand the every-mysterious hair-growth process, well, hair grows in numerous phases (called anagen, telogen, and yes I know you guessed it, categen). However, laser hair removal treatments (our friends Alex and Yag) can only affect the currently active hair growth phase, which in our case is (I know you probably guessed it ) the anagen phase. This is why more than one session is required to kill off and eliminate all the phases of growth, not just when you physically see that your hair has all fallen out.

The actual total number of sessions anyone needs to complete the hair removal process is one that depends on several factors. Among these factors are the area being treated, color of the skin, thickness of hair, and gender.

However, here is the ‘average’ number of treatments needed in general:

Face: 6-10 treatments conducted ever 4-6 weeks.

Body: 4-6 treatments conducted every 8-12 weeks.

Can all hair colors be treated?

Nope. Unfortunately, laser doesn’t work well on hair that is lighter colored such as red, grey, and white, as well as other ‘finer’ color hairs such as vellus.

In general, coarse and thick hair with very light-skinned patients are the easiest type to treat (think of the contrast of colors between thick, dark hair and light white skin. The greater the color contrast, the more effective for laser hair removal treatment.

What are the most common side effects and risks?

During the actual treatment: some pain and discomfort (can be eliminated with pain killers at the doctor’s discretion, or with a drama TV show on Netflix ;).

Common post treatment side effects: redness, itching, and some light swelling around the area(s) treated. Expect to undergo such side effects for just 2-3 days max.

Unwanted but rare side effects and risks: hypo- or hyper-pigmentation (too little or too much color on treated areas compared with the rest of your normal-colored skin), blistering, scarring, changes in the way your skin feels (skin texture), rare occurances of acne flareups, swelling around the hair follicles, rare infections, and burning of the skin.

What areas can be treated?

If the area on your body grows hair, then it can be treated! But make sure that there are absolutely no issues or contraindications. Here, talk to your doctor or cosmetic health professional about your medical history in detail and don’t ever just assume that you’re a prime candidate for laser hair removal just because you look and feel healthy. Therefore, ALWAYS conduct a consultation with your provider or health professional before undergoing laser hair removal!

What are contraindications?

Regarding “contra”indications, f you have any of these pre-existing condictions or if you’re currently or recently taking any of the listed medications, then you are not allowed to be treated at all.

    • Pregnant
    • Gold Therapy (If you don’t know whatit is, then you don’t have it)
    • Seizures that can be caused be light
    • Photo-sensitive medication (otherwise wait 3 weeks until your last dose to undergo laser hair removal treatments)
    • Accutane (last dosage should be at least 6 months ago)
    • Anticoagulants
    • Medical history of cancer in your family
    • Any strangely colored lesions or marks on your skin
    • Lupus
  • Herpes – pre-treat with an antiviral drug such as Valtrex… But, if you’re active, then under no cicumstances can you undergo treatment until you’re dormant again.

How do I prepare for laser hair removal?

    • Do not wax, tweeze, or conduct any sort of electrolysis for at least 4 weeks prior laser treatment.
    • For those with fair skin colors (skin types I -III), you should have had little-to-no sun exposure for at least 4 weeks prior treatment.
    • For those with darker color skin (types IV – VI), then you should have had little-to-no sun exposure for at least 3-5 days prior treatment.
    • No threading for 10 days
    • No use of tanning beds for 14 days
    • Shave the area being treated clean, on the same day of being treated or the night prior
    • No make-up, lotion or deodorant should be worn on the day of your treatment
    • No topical Retin-A for 3-5 days
    • No oral Retin-A for 3 weeks
  • No Accutane for 6 months

How much does it cost?

Obsviously, the prices for laser hair removal sessions are going to vary wildly from clinic to clinic, not to mention from city to city and state to state.

In general, costs could range anywhere from $100 per area per treatment to $900 per area per treatment (all depends on the size of the area and amount of hair).  Yes, I don’t blame you if you think it can be expensive. But in addition to the fact that it’s so much more convenient NOT to shave and deal with all that extra hait, but also take into consideration the amount of money throw on on razors, waxing, threading, plucking, and god knows what else (people are led to do some pretty crazy things to prevent their hair from growing back.

Are there any post-treatment instructions?

Yes!.. And please, please follow strictly.

    • No sun exposure for at least a 1 week. Also, if you’ve been blistered or burned, then make sure to stay out of the sun until healed… otherwise you will scar very badly!)
    • Apply cool compresses to any red or swollen areas on your body.
    • No Retin A for 24 hours
    • No direct heat for 24 hours (ie: hot showers.. This is a tough one for me, since I truly love mine… but I do follow this religiously as I have learned the hard way.. hehehe)
    • It will look and feel like a sunburn… treat it like one!
  • MAKE SURE TO ENJOY being hair free 🙂 Sort of like a (r

Live in the Dearborn, Detroit, Southeast Michigan area and planning on laser hair removal treatment? Don’t look anywhere else but the BEST with the Laser Duet’s team & technology.

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PRP for Cosmetics: A Comprehensive Guide

PRP for Cosmetics: A Comprehensive Guide

PRP for Cosmetics: A Comprehensive Guide

A procedure that has been used successfully for years to heal sports injuries is now gaining huge popularity for the same reasons athletes chose it: because of its organic nature and because it works! PRP uses plasma taken from a patient’s own blood, instead of chemicals injected into the body, in order to restore youthful rejuvenation and a younger, more beautiful look.

The treatment has become popularly known as the PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, Facelift (also trademarked under the name “Vampire Facelift” by Dr. Runels) thanks to one celebrity, Kim Kardashian, who tried and recommended the procedure thus giving it its nickname.

PRP Treatment – Backed by Science

The National Institutes of Health site mentions many articles from several medical journals on experiments of the PRP procvedure.

For one, there’s a well-known study in the Journal of Drugs Dermatology. One such experiment (May, 2010) stretched out of three entire months where 23 patients were given PRP treatment each month one time. This PRP treatment was combined using an alternate activating agent. This final mixture was then injected into the patients (face & neck area).

Images were taken of the experiment’s participants before and after their respective treatments. After a final evaluation was conducted on each of the patients during the last month of the experiment (month 3), the study conclusively detailed how the results were undoubtedly ‘satisfactory’ in the sense that all goals were achieved as well as having patients receive no long-term or even any serious side effects at all. This conclusion was corrobrated by several other studies on the site.

Real Results

Most women who leave reviews about their own PRP treatment on a well-known and credible website called mention extremely satisfactory results with their treatment. About, it’s a site that allows female patients to share experienced about surgeries, among them cosmetic procedures. The patients are also allowed to leave feedback, comments, and reviews about the particular surgeon who conducted their surgery.

Regarding PRP treatments related to cosmetics in particular, one patient even mentioned that her results lasted over 4 months. Another mentioned that her skin was ‘glowing’ and had long-lasting firmness of skin after almost 6 weeks post-op. Many, many reports like these litter the RealSelf website and such positive reviews significantly outnumber the negative.

If you’re not using PRP and Microneedling you’re missing out

There are many studies that have shown the positive outcomes of combining PRP treatments with microneedling procedures. Several studies, including one conducted in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, sought to compare the efficacy of combining PRP with other well-known aesthetic procedures. One such treatment that reported highly effective results with PRP was microneedling.

When conducting further investigation in fact, most women who have used the PRP-Microneedling combination report excellent results that not only last longer, but look better than having solely PRP cosmetic treatment. One plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa Zdinak, a plastic surgeon at Precision Aesthetics, explains how the plasma inside PRP helps a patient’s own skin to stimulate the growth of more collagen which means procedures like microneedling can be far more effective than when each treatment, PRP or microneedling alone, are conducted without the other.

Combining PRP with Fractional Laser

Another such combination that has reported excellent results when combined with PRP treatment is fractional laser treatment. To illustrate, in one such study conducted by fellows in the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, 22 woman took part in an experiment that put together the 2 treatments – Fractional Laser and PRP. These female patients were assessed both before and after the experiment which had the active group receive a combination of PRP & fractional laser, while the control group had solely fractional laser treatments. The group with the combined treatments showed far more effective results. There are many, many other studies that confirm these findings. This includes customer & patient surveys, blind clinical evaluations, and even skin biopsies.

PRP Treatment – Long Lasting

Female patients who’ve had PRP facelift procedures conducted to them have found their faces to have an extremely more attractive and younger look far into post-treatment, such as 3-4 months after they’ve undergone the procedure they notice continuing improvement.. To explain the long duration of continued improved with PRP, the plasma inside the injected PRP helps a patient with several things such as to produce more collagen,  give birth to new cells, and rejuvenate the skin. However, giving birth to new skin cells and having these new, rejuvenated, re-invigorated cells grow enough to be noticed, this is a weeks-long process that may take up to three months or more!

This means that instead of having someone grow ‘older’, PRP treatment allows a patient to grow ‘younger’!

PRP for Cosmetic Treatments – Just Why Aren’t There any Side Effects?

PRP helps your body to generate new cells wherever it’s injected. It helps your body, face, and anywhere else it’s injected to heal old, dying cells. It does this in a completely natural way, from your own plasma! Therefore, since the entire process is natural, and since the main ingredient in PRP cosmetic treatments is the PRP, which comes from your own body, there are little-to-no side effects and you’ll NEVER have an allergic reaction since you can’t be allergic to what’s already from your own body.

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