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Laser Fat Removal

Finding a truly effective means for quick and easy fat removal is akin to searching for a “holy grail” of weight loss. Up until now, one of the only options that was previously available to remove fat in a short period of time, was liposuction. This was an outpatient surgical procedure with anesthesia and routine complications that could often leave patients bed-ridden for weeks.

Fortunately, laser fat removal is a new technology that is making removing fat a quick, painless and non-invasive process.

Here at Laser Duet, we are one of the only locations in all of Dearborn, MI offering the Zerona Non-invasive Body Contouring System. This is the newest fat removal technology on the market and is making waves in the fat removal and weight loss industries. The Zerona System utilizes a cold laser, which is absolutely pain free and is a non-invasive alternative to surgery. It’s extremely quick and patients can lose between 3.65 inches to 9 inches within 2 weeks of treatment.

Patients simply lay down and have Zerona laser heads positioned to isolate the treatment area and are done with the procedure 20 minutes later. The lasers are set to a certain frequency that penetrates through a layer of skin, addressing subcutaneous skin and the fat layer between the skin. The lasers penetrate the skin, going into the fat layer below and are set at a frequency that will liquefy fats within the cell membranes. The fat is then absorbed into the lymphatic system and is finally excreted outside of the body. A unique supplement called Curva can be used in conjunction with the Zerona System to help enhance the body’s lymphatic and circulatory response to remove fat at an even faster rate. This is a completely side-effect free procedure that is fast becoming the much sough-after “holy grail” of fat removal.

Traditional liposuction can cost as much as 4 to 5 times more than treatment with the Zerona Non-invasive Body Contouring System, making this an amazing alternative to more traditional forms of fat removal. This cutting-edge system works quickly, as most patients undergo only 6 treatments, every other day. An added bonus to this procedure is that there is virtually zero pain, zero survey, zero bruising and no recovery time.

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